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U.S. Kids Golf
Local Tour
Meihan Chisan Country Club (Mie Pref)
January 12, 2009 (Monday)

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Canceled Due to Snow

U.S. Kids Golf will have a Local Tour tournament at Meihan Chisan Country Club, Mei Prefecture, Japan. Boys and girls ages 4 to 15, will compete for individual honors. A players age on January 12, 2009 will determine their age group for the event. This is an excellent facility with 5 9-hole courses for a total of 45 holes to play on.

9-holes 6,000 yen (no lunch)
18-holes 10,000 yen (includes lunch for contestant)

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Registration closes when full, events fill quickly!

Kids between the ages of 4 and 15 are eligible to participate.

Yardages & Rules
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Top 3 golfers in each group will receive a certificate.

U.S. Kids Golf Japan

Meihan Chisan Country Club

Tournament Director
Mayumi Asada LPGA Pro

The golf course is located in Mei Prefecture, Japan. By car it is about 1 hour 40 minutes from Osaka (Matsubara JCT) and about an hour from Nagoya.

U.S. Kids Golf Yardages,
Rules and Regulations (Click Here)
The use of pull carts are permitted at this course. A special practice round fee is available for contestants, 9-holes at 2,000 yen. Must call ahead and confirm with the course. Parents must walk with your child. Parents may play during the practice round at regular fee.

Access Map
Link to Meihan Chisan Country Club (Japanese site)
Link to Golf-in-Japan (English site)

Please call U.S. Kids Golf Japan for information about the event.
Tel: 072-981-4010 / Fax: 072-987-8962 / Mail: tournaments@uskgj.com

Take the Higashi-Meihan Expressway to Shimo-Tsuge Exit #9, about 52 kilometers from Tennri IC (Osaka), about an hour from Nagoya. Follow the road straight about 3 kilometers to the Meihan Chisan Country Club sign, turn left onto the course access road. The clubhouse and parking area are at the end of the road.

Meihan Chisan Country Club
1029, Tanaka, Iga-city
Mie Prefecture, Japan 518-1312
Tel: 0595-43-0231 Fax: 0595-43-1312

Photographer: All Sports Community

Tee Times

18H Girls, Boys Teen
Higashi to Naka Course
Tee off Start Last First Category   Prefecture


1 Fujita Tsubasa Boy Teen Shiga
Konishi Takahiro Boy Teen Osaka
Yamakawa Asuka Girl Teen Aichi
11:02 1 Asano Airi Girl Teen Gifu
Yoshioka Hikaru Girl Teen Hyogo
Hirai Ami Girl 18H Ishikawa
18H Boys
Nishi to Higashi Course
10:41 1 Murakami Takumi Boy 18H Aichi
Kawai Kazuma Boy 18H Aichi
Takeuchi Reo Boy 18H Aichi
Kimura Kentaro Boy 18H Aichi
10:48 1 Fujii Taiga Boy 18H Toyama
Matsumoto Yusaku Boy 18H Aichi
Kubo Kaito Boy 18H Aichi
Minobe Tatsuya Boy 18H Aichi
10:55 1 Tsuchihashi Takuma Boy 18H Osaka
Shimada Kakeru Boy 18H Osaka
Fukuda Koki Boy 18H Osaka
Kawabata Ryotaro Boy 18H Osaka
18H Boys 10
Naka to Nishi Course
10:48 1 Sakane Ryunosuke Boy 10 Years Shiga
Asakura Shun Boy 10 Years Aichi
Wakahara Ryota Boy 10 Years Gifu
Terada Rikuto Boy 10 Years Mie
10:55 1 Yagyu Shintaro Boy 10 Years Shiga
Watabe Tsuyoshi Boy 10 Years Osaka
Kitano Takaya Boy 10 Years Aichi
Kitamura Aoi Boy 10 Years Mie
9H Red Tee
Naka Course


1 Oda Nobuaki Boy 9 Years Osaka
Aoyama Kodai Boy 9 Years Aichi
Saigo Hiroya Boy 9 Years Hyogo
Kataoka Shinosuke Boy 9 Years Osaka


1 Nagano Saki Girl 10 Years Hyogo
Hashimoto Chisato Girl 10 Years Aichi
Konishi Miho Girl 10 Years Nara
9H Yellow Tee
Nishi Course
14:10 1 Fujii Ryuji Boy Yellow Toyama
Iwata Hiroaki Boy Yellow Nara
Sawada Hibiki Boy Yellow Fukui
Noguchi Yuta Boy Yellow Osaka
14:17 1 Terada Kuran Girl Yellow Mie
Nakiashima Noi Girl Yellow Osaka
Kobayashi Miho Girl Yellow Osaka
9H Green Tee
Higashi Course
14:10 1 Nishimura Yuna Girl Green Osaka
Nakagawa Narumi Girl Green Aichi
Murakami Kota Boy Green Aichi
Takeuchi Yuki Boy Green Aichi
14:17 1 Kusuyama Misaki Girl Green Osaka
Ikeda Honoka Girl Green Aichi
Yagi Suzuka Girl Green Osaka
Nagasaki Ayana Girl Green Kyoto
14:24 1 Tanaka Hiroki Boy Green Nara
Yamamoto Kanta Boy Green Osaka
Ozaki Takaya Boy Green Osaka
Yuhara Hikaru Boy Green Aichi




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