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U.S. Kids Golf
Local Tour
Belle View Nagao Golf Club
Shizuoka Prefecture Japan
 November 3 (Wed)

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U.S. Kids Golf will hold a tournament at Belle View Nagao Golf Club, Shizuoka Pref., Japan. Boys and girls ages 4 to 15, will compete for individual honors. A players age on November 3, 2010 will determine their age group for the event.

Belle View Nagao fairway 10

9-holes 6,000 yen
18-holes 9,000 yen
Includes play fee and insurance

Please bring your child's ID. For Japanese tax purposes a copy will be taken and a short form at the front desk may be filled out.

Please click here for online registration CLOSED

Will close registration when full, tournaments fill quickly.


Kids between the ages of 4 and 15 are eligible to participate. One guardian must act as the caddy

Top 3 golfers in each group will receive a certificate.

U.S. Kids Golf Japan

Belle View Nagao Golf Club

Tournament Director
Mr. Bennett J. Galloway

The golf course is located in Shizuoka, Japan (Outside Tokyo).

Yardages, Rules and Regulations (Click Here)

There are a wide variety of hotel options at Gotemba Kogen Resort.  Please see their web site at www.gotembakogenresort.jp/

Access Map
Map to Gotemba Kogen Resort

Belle View Nagao Golf Club
1918,Koyama, Gotemba-shi, Shizuoka 412-0033
Tel: 0550-87-1112 Fax: 0550-87-1682
Please do not call the course for information about the tournament.
Contact U.S. Kids Golf Japan

By Car:
From Tokyo: Take the Tomei expressway (approx. 1hr & 15min) to the Gotemba interchange and just 10 min to the resort from there.

From Osaka: Exit the Tomei at the Susono interchange and just 5 min to the resort. Total time is about 5 hours.

By Train: From Tokyo:
Take the direct train (Odakyu Asagiri Romance Car) from Shinjuku Stn. to Gotemba Stn. (1hr & 40min) Transfer to the free shuttle or take a taxi. (15min) From Yokohama: Transfer to the Gotemba Line at JR Kozu station. (approx. 40min to JR Gotemba Stn.)

By Bus:
From Tokyo: Take the Tomei Highway Bus (1540yen) from in front of the Odakyu Halc Dept. store in Shinjuku Stn. direct to JR Gotemba Stn. (approx. 1hr & 40min) Buses leave approx. every 30min.

By Shinkansen (bullet train):
From either Tokyo or Osaka, get of at JR Mishima Stn. (just 1hr. from Tokyo stn.) and transfer to the free shuttle. (40min to the resort)

Transfer payment to:
Mitsui Sumitomo Bank, Shin-Ishikiri Branch
Regular Account: 1359032
U.S. Kids Golf Japan, Ltd.

Cancelation Policy
Cancellation requests must be submitted by email or fax and receipt acknowledged by U.S. Kids Golf Japan at least 7 days before the event. The entry fee is not returned but applied to the entry fee for next event the contestant registers for. Cancellation requests 6 days before the event will be subject to a 5000 Japanese yen cancelation fee and the remainder is applied to the entry fee for next event the contestant registers for.

To cancel an event please provide the following information;

  1. Contestant name
  2. Contestant age
  3. Contestant gender
  4. Name or location of the event and date
  5. Reason for cancellation
  6. Name, phone number, and email of person to contact

If you cancel on the day of the event, be sure to call the course to avoid being listed as "No Show" (NS). Contestants that are noted "NS" may not be allowed to register for future events.

To cancel by email send your request to tournaments@uskgj.com
To cancel by fax dial 072-987-8962

You may confirm your cancelation request was received by calling 072-981-4010


Event Photographer: All Sports Community 

Course and area photos and images (C) Copyright, Belle View Nagao Golf Club and Gotemba Kogen Resort.
All Rights Reserved


Hole 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 OUT
Par 4 5 3 4 4 3 4 5 5 37
Green 130 150 65 135 124 56 135 195 195 1,185
Yellow 200 290 100 216 195 105 240 243 342 1,931
Red 300 330 130 330 350 132 310 413 342 2,637
Hole 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 IN
Par 4 3 4 3 4 4 4 3 5 34
Red 310 130 260 127 315 317 285 140 445 2,329

Tee Times

18 Holes
Tee Off Last First Category Prefecture Tee
09:41 Out 1 Kimatsuka Taiga Boys 18H Kanagawa Red
Enokido Yuma Boys 18H Kanagawa Red
Hatazawa Kana Girls 18H Shizuoka Red
Tsuruoka Karen Girls 18H Kanagawa Red
09:48 Out 1 Takeiri Masaki Boys 18H Shizuoka Red
Takayama Koutaru Boys 18H Tokyo Red
Suzuki Urufu Boys 18H Chiba Red
Takeuchi Ren Boys 18H Kanagawa Red
9 Holes
Tee Off Last First Category Prefecture Tee
14:00 Out 1 Tsuchiya Takuto Boys Red Shizuoka Red
Takeiri Souma Boys Red Shizuoka Red
Kurita Ichimu Boys Red Kanagawa Red
Moriyama Yuki Boys Red Kanagawa Red
14:07 Out 1 Hayashi Kyohei Boys Yellow Kanagawa Yellow
Yoshikawa Rina Girls Yellow Yamanashi Yellow
Takagi Mai Girls Yellow Tokyo Yellow
14:14 Out 1 Maruyama Taiki Boys Green Shizuoka Green
Kondo Minato Boys Green Aichi Green
Shimizu Kuranosuke Boys Green Tokyo Green
14:21 Out 1 Onuma Sayaka Girls Green Shizuoka Green
Takagi Leon Girls Green Tokyo Green
Ogawa Erika Girls Green Shizuoka Green
Yorizume Mei Girls Green Kanagawa Green


Category Last First OUT IN TOTAL RANK
Boys 18H Kimatsuka Taiga 39 37 76 1
Boys 18H Enokido Yuma 39 38 77 2
Boys 18H Takeiri Masaki 42 43 85 3
Boys 18H Suzuki Urufu 50 44 94  
Boys 18H Takayama Kotaro 49 59 108  
Boys 18H Takeuchi Ren 73 62 135  
Girls 18H Hatazawa Kana 46 41 87 1
Girls 18H Turuoka Karen 47 49 96 2
Boys Red Moriyama Yuki 43   43 1
Boys Red Takeiri Soma 46   46 2
Boys Red Tsuchiya Takuto 58   58 3
Boys Red Kurita Isamu 67   67  
Boys Yellow Hayashi Kyohei 50   50 1
Girls Yellow Takagi Mai 55   55 1
Girls Yellow Onema Syonarika 72   72 2
Boys Green Maruyama Taiki 39   39 1
Boys Green Shimizu Kuranosuke 39   39 2
Boys Green Kondo Minato 52   52 3
Girls Green Takagi Lion 40   40 1
Girls Green Yurizumi Mei 45   45 2
Girls Green Ogawa Erika 45   45 3




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