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U.S. Kids Golf
Local Tour
Kanagawa Country Club
October 31, 2010 (Sun)

-- Typhoon Warning --

Event to be Played as Scheduled

We will make every attempt to continue the tournament however depending on the severity of the weather we may be forced to postpone. We will update information as we can. The last posting will be 6am the day of the event.

If the event cannot be held as planned you will automatically be enrolled in a rescheduled event, the date to be announced. If you cannot attend the rescheduled event you may transfer your application to another USKGJ event.

18 Holers Start 8:26
Registration: 7:30-7:45
Meeting: 7:50

9 Holers Start 13:30
Registration 12:15-12:30
Meeting: 12:40

Do not forget your divot bag/tools and proof of age

2 stroke penalty for being late to the meeting.
10 stroke penalty for being late to the tee off

Please call the course in case of cancellation on the tournament day.
Kanagawa CC: 042-689-2511

[ Tee Times ] [ Score  ] [ Photos ]

U.S. Kids Golf will have a Local Tour tournament at Kanagawa Country Club, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. Boys and girls ages 4 to 15, will compete for individual honors. A players age on October 31 2010 will determine their age group for the event.

18 Holes: 9,000 Japanese yen
9 Holes 6,000 Japanese yen

Fee includes, play fee, cart, 30 practice balls and insurance.

Contestants must bring proof of age for tax purposes. Failure to do so will result in the contestant being taxed.

Please click here for online registration. CLOSED

Kids between the ages of 4 and 15 are eligible to participate.

Yardages & Rules
Click here for yardages and rules

Top 3 golfers in each group will receive a certificate.

U.S. Kids Golf Japan

Kanagawa Country Club

Tournament Director:
Michel Kasuga Pro

Access Map
Golf In Japan (English Listing)
Kanagawa Country Club (Japanese Site)

Sagamihara-Shi, Midori-ku, Makino 6977-1, Kanagawa 252-0186
Tel: 042-689-2511 // Fax 042-689-2515

Please do not call the course for information about the tournament. Contact U.S. Kids Golf Japan Tel 072-981-4010 / Fax 072-987-8962 / email: tournaments@uskgj.com

Transfer payment to:
Mitsui Sumitomo Bank, Shin-Ishikiri Branch
Regular Account: 1359032
U.S. Kids Golf Japan, Ltd.

Cancelation Policy
Cancellation requests must be submitted by email or fax and receipt acknowledged by U.S. Kids Golf Japan at least 7 days before the event. The entry fee is not returned but applied to the entry fee for next event the contestant registers for. Cancellation requests 6 days before the event will be subject to a 5000 Japanese yen cancelation fee and the remainder is applied to the entry fee for next event the contestant registers for.

To cancel an event please provide the following information;

  1. Contestant name
  2. Contestant age
  3. Contestant gender
  4. Name or location of the event and date
  5. Reason for cancellation
  6. Name, phone number, and email of person to contact

If you cancel on the day of the event, be sure to call the course to avoid being listed as "No Show" (NS). Contestants that are noted "NS" may not be allowed to register for future events.

To cancel by email send your request to tournaments@uskgj.com
To cancel by fax dial 072-987-8962

You may confirm your cancelation request was received by calling 072-981-4010


Course and area photos and images (C) Copyright, Kanagawa Country Club . All Rights Reserved

Tee Times

Start Tee Last First Category From
8:26 1 Yasuma Kai Boy Teen Kanagawa
Nakano Yodai Boy Teen Kanagawa
Uehara Shinnosuke Boy 18H Tokyo
Enokido Minoru Boy 18H Kanagawa
8:34 1 Midorikawa Takahiro Boy 18H Kanagawa
Yanagida Shun Boy 18H Kanagawa
Osawa Yu Boy 18H Kanagawa
Miyamoto Emon Boy 18H Yamanashi
8:42 1 Asukai Masahito Boy 18H Kanagawa
Yamaguchi Takuto Boy 18H Kanagawa
Kikushima Yuji Boy 18H Kanagawa
Hayashi Kihei Boy 18H Chiba
8:50 1 Okamoto Yuto Boy 18H Kanagawa
Sato Ikko Boy 18H Tokyo
Shirawachi Jyun Boy 18H Kanagawa
Takeuchi Ren Boy 18H Kanagawa
8:58 1 Yamasaki Seina Girl Teen Kanagawa
Asami Yuka Girl 18H Tokyo
Doi Mao Girl 18H Tokyo
Inoue Miya Girl 18H Kanagawa
9:06 1 Takahashi Maiha Girl 18H Kanagawa
Hotta Risako Girl 18H Tokyo
Tsuruoka Karen Girl 18H Kanagawa
Inoue Ami Girl 18H Kanagawa
13:30 1 Nakano Misaki Girl Red Kanagawa
Ozawa Sora Girl Red Tokyo
Monma Saki Girl Red Kanagawa
13:38 1 Sugiyama Akira Boy Red Kanagawa
Ozaki Yudai Boy Red Kanagawa
Midorikawa Yuya Boy Red Kanagawa
Kikuchi Keitaro Boy Red Kanagawa
13:46 1 Akaji Miki Girl Yellow Kanagawa
Tokuda Saki Girl Yellow Kanagawa
Fujimura Yusuke Boy Yellow Saitama
13:54 1 Okamoto Rikizo Boy Yellow Kanagawa
Koyanagi Yuri Boy Yellow Tokyo
Hayashi Kyohei Boy Yellow Kanagawa
14:02 1 Fukuzu Shu Boy Green Kanagawa
Masuda Takuma Boy Green Chiba
Akita Eisuke Boy Green Kanagawa
14:10 1 Kobayashi Taiga Boy Green Kanagawa
Fukuzu Sho Boy Green Kanagawa
Nakamura Taisei Boy Green Kanagawa
14:18 1 Hatano Asuka Girl Green Kanagawa
Takahashi Yumeha Girl Green Kanagawa
Suzuki Kirari Girl Green Kanagawa
Nishiyama Chiri Girl Green Yamanashi



Last First スコア Rank
安間 やすま かい 85 1
中野 陽大 なかの ようだい 134 2
上原 慎ノ介 うえはら しんのすけ 75 2
榎戸 悠真 えのきど みのる 73 1
緑川 貴大 みどりかわ たかひろ 87  
柳田 駿 やなぎだ しゅん 89  
大澤 おおさわ ゆう 77 3
宮本 英門 みやもと えもん 81  
飛鳥井 正仁 あすかい まさひと 94  
山口 拓斗 やまぐち たくと 82  
菊嶋 勇次 きくしま ゆうじ 95  
暉平 はやし きへい 89  
岡本 優斗 おかもと ゆうと 92  
佐藤 壱洸 さとう いっこう 100  
白輪地 しらわち じゅん 118  
竹内 たけうち れん 117  
山﨑 星夏 やまさき せいな 79 1
浅見 優華 あさみ ゆうか 85 3
土井 真生 どい まお 99  
井上 海椰 いのうえ みや 102  
高橋 舞羽 たかはし まいは 91  
堀田 理紗子 ほった りさこ 102  
鶴岡 果恋 つるおか かれん 84 2
井上 愛海 いのうえ あみ 128  
中野 みさき なかの みさき 67 2
小澤 そら おざわ そら 68 3
門馬 早咲 もんま さき 51 1
杉山 すぎやま あきら 51 2
尾崎 悠大 おざき ゆうだい 50 1
緑川 雄也 みどりかわ ゆうや 69  
菊池 啓大朗 きくち けいたろう 66 3
赤治 実樹 あかじ みき 55 2
徳田 早紀 とくだ さき 49 1
藤村 祐輔 ふじむら ゆうすけ 61 3
岡本 力蔵 おかもと りきぞう 48 2
小柳 右吏 こやなぎ ゆうり 66  
恭平 はやし きょうへい 38 1
福住 ふくず しゅう 47  
増田 拓磨 ますだ たくま DNS  
秋田 英佑 あきた えいすけ 37 2
小林 大河 こばやし たいが 35 1
福住 ふくずみ しょう 46 3
中村 大聖 なかむら たいせい 49  
幡野 明日香 はたの あすか 43 2
高橋 夢羽 たかはし ゆめは 34 1
鈴木 輝来里 すずき きらり 60  
西山 知里 にしやま ちり 59 3

WD – Contestant withdrew prior to the event or due to injury.
DNS – Player failed to show up for their tee time without notification.
NC – Player withdrew during their round and failed to turn in their scorecard.
DQ – Violated U.S. Kids Golf Rules and Regulations.





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