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U.S. Kids Golf
Spring Tournament
World Championship Qualifier 2013

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Date: Wednesday, May 19, 2013Toyama C.C. in Toyama prefecture

Location: Toyama Country Club
Toyama Prefecture, Japan

1 Manganji, Toyama-shi Toyama 939-2297
Tel: 076-467-2240

Please do not call the course for information about the tournament. Contact U.S. Kids Golf Japan Tel 072-981-4010 / Fax 072-987-8962

U.S. Kids Golf Japan

PKIC Junior Golf Academy
http://taizobiz.blog118.fc2.com/ (Japanese Site)

Tournament Director
Mr. Taizo Fujii

9-holes 9,500 yen
18-holes 6,500 yen
Fee includes, play fee, cart, insurance, and 30 practice balls.
Caddies and guests should enjoy meals prepared by the restaurant.

Contestants must bring proof of age for tax purposes. Failure to do so will result in the contestant being taxed.

Please click here for online registration

Will close registration when full, tournaments fill quickly.


  1. Age
    World Championship: Between ages 4-12 on July 31, 2013
    Teen World Championship: Between ages 13-18 on July 31, 2013
  2. A guardian must act as a caddy except in the case of Teen contestants
  3. Scores must be 60 or less for 9 holers and 110 for 18 holers.

Top 3 golfers in each group will receive a certificate.

Access Map
Golf In Japan (English Listing)
Toyama Country Club (Japanese Site)

1 Manganji, Toyama-shi Toyama 939-2297
Tel: 076-467-2240

Please call U.S. Kids Golf Japan for information about the event.
Tel: 072-981-4010 / Fax: 072-987-8962 / Mail: tournaments@uskgj.com

PKIC Mini-Tournament
Date May 18 (Sat)
18H 5 Flights starting from 13:16
9H 5 Flights starting from 16:11
   9H 4,000 JPY
   18H 6,000 JPY

Please contact PKIC Junior Golf Academy for registration and more information.
TEL 090-3763-0587 or email taizo@taizo.co.jp

Transfer payment to:
Mitsui Sumitomo Bank, Shin-Ishikiri Branch
Regular Account: 1359032
U.S. Kids Golf Japan, Ltd.

Cancelation Policy
Cancellation requests must be submitted by email or fax and receipt acknowledged by U.S. Kids Golf Japan at least 7 days before the event. The entry fee is not returned but applied to the entry fee for next event the contestant registers for. Cancellation requests 6 days before the event will be subject to a 5000 Japanese yen cancelation fee and the remainder is applied to the entry fee for next event the contestant registers for.

To cancel an event please provide the following information;

  1. Contestant name
  2. Contestant age
  3. Contestant gender
  4. Name or location of the event and date
  5. Reason for cancellation
  6. Name, phone number, and email of person to contact

If you cancel on the day of the event, be sure to call the course to avoid being listed as "Did Not Show" (DNS). Contestants that are noted "DNS" may not be allowed to register for future events.

To cancel by email send your request to tournaments@uskgj.com
To cancel by fax dial 072-987-8962

You may confirm your cancelation request was received by calling 072-981-4010

Course and area photos and images (C) Copyright, Toyama Country Club . All Rights Reserved

Tee Times

Time Tee Tee Contestant Category Prefecture
13:02 1 Red Mizunami, Shiho Girls 13 Toyama
Kinoshita, Sara Girls 12 Toyama
Nakashima, Yume Girls 12 Toyama
Ishizuka, Shori Boys 10 Fukuoka
13:09 1 Red Fujii, Ryuji Boys 12 Toyama
Shibata, Reo Boys 11 Toyama
Ishii, Sosuke Boys 11 Toyama
Yago, Kento Boys 11 Toyama
16:00 1 Red Ichimura, An Girls 10 Nagano
Kondo, Minato Boys 9 Aichi
Miyashita, Yuki Boys 9 Saitama
Morimoto, Sohei Boys 9 Toyama
16:07 1 Yellow Fujii, Genki Boys 8 Toyama
Inagaki, Hayato Boys 8 Aichi
16:14 1 Green Ichimura, Ryuga Boys 7 Nagano
Kitai, Riko Girls 7 & Under Osaka



Category Contestant OUT IN GROSS RANK
18H Red Girls Mizunami, Shiho 39 40 79 1
Kinoshita, Sara 46 43 89 2
Nakashima, Yume 52 50 102 3
Boys Ishizuka, Shori 39 41 80 2
Fujii, Ryuji 36 40 76 1
Shibata, Reo 45 46 91
Ishii, Sosuke 41 44 85 3
Yago, Kento 53 49 102
9H Red Girls Ichimura, An 41 - 41 1
Boys Kondo, Minato 44 - 44 2
Miyashita, Yuki 42 - 42 1
Morimoto, Sohei 74 - 74 3
Yellow Boys Fujii, Genki 45 - 45 1
Inagaki, Hayato 54 - 54 2
Green Girls Kitai, Riko 53 - 53 1
Boys Ichimura, Ryuga 38 - 38 1


WD Contestant withdrew prior to the event or due to injury
DNS Player failed to show up for their tee time without notification
NC Player withdrew during their round and failed to turn in their scorecard
DQ Violated U.S. Kids Golf Rules and Regulations



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