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U.S. Kids Golf
Spring Tournament
World Championship Qualifier 2013

All Contestants 9H and 18H
Start is from 8:30am
Registration is 7:30 - 7:50
Tournament Meeting is from 8:00

Please allow extra time to get through security

Please bring with you;
Divot bag and repair tools
Rules book

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Date: Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Location: Camp Zama Golf Course

Camp Zama, Zama City
Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan 252-8511
Tel: 046-263-5284
Fax: 046-263-8243

Please do not call the course for information about the tournament. Contact U.S. Kids Golf Japan Tel 072-981-4010 / Fax 072-987-8962


U.S. Kids Golf Japan

Camp Zama Golf Course

Tournament Director
Bennett Galloway

18 Holes: 10,500 Japanese yen
9 Holes 6,500 Japanese yen

Fee includes, play fee, insurance
(Lunch not included.  Please enjoy the course restaurant)

Category determined by players age on July 31, 2013, complying with U.S. Kids Golf (USA) age requirements. For category yardages please click here.

You are not required to attend the World Championship.

Please click here for online registration. CLOSED


  1. Players age is determined by their age on July 31 as per U.S. Kids Golf rules.
  2. A guardian must act as the caddy*. Teen players (aged 13 - 18) do not need a caddy however it is recommended.
  3. Score for 9-Holers must be less than 60 and score for 18-Holers must be less than 110 to play in this event.

Practice Rounds
Please send an email (tournaments@uskgj.com) to U.S. Kids Golf requesting tee times. You must provide guest names, gender, birth date, nationality, and telephone number. Please see "Entrance to Camp Zama" below. If arriving by car please provide car Make (Toyota, Nissan, etc.) Model (Surf, Skyline, etc.) Year, and License Number.

Golf Carts
Golf carts will not be used. All players will walk the course. Players may use push and pull carts.

Players 9 years or younger must have a legal guardian as a caddy.
Players 10 years and older it is recommended that an adult act as a caddy to ensure understanding of rules, golf manners and to avoid slow play.

Gallery may observe the tournament from the cart path at your own risk. Gallery many not interact with players or caddys, shall not use electronic devices such as phones or music players, photography is encouraged however it is important to not take a photo during a players swing as the noise may distract them

Entrance into Camp Zama
Camp Zama is a U.S. Government facility. Guests and players are required to show government issued photo identification such as a drivers license++. All guests must preregister with U.S. Kids Golf and be approved by Camp Zama. If you are arriving by motor vehicle you must preregister your car with U.S. Kids Golf and be approved by Camp Zama, if you arrive without proper identification and have not preregistered the members of your party or your motor vehicle you will not be allowed to enter the faculties.

++ New Japanese drivers license have a PIN number embedded. You will need the 2 4-digit numbers (#### ####) for security officials to confirm your identity. If you forgot your PIN numbers you will not be allowed to enter the faculties.

You may only purchase consumables such as golf balls and gloves from the pro shop, you may not purchase golf clubs or sets. Japanese yen is accepted at the restaurant and golf pro shop.

Special Notice
Camp Zama is a United States Army facility. The following nationalities are restricted from entry due to government regulations: Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bolivia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Burma (Myanmar), China, Columbia, Croatia, Cuba, Djibouti, Egypt, France, Georgia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Lebanon, Libya, Macau, Macedonia, Malaysia, Mali, Morocco, Nicaragua, Nigeria, North Korea, Oman, Pakistan, Palestinian Authority, Peru, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia/Montenegro, Singapore, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, Vietnam, Yemen.

From Hwy 51 - take hwy 507 east, take a left at the CoCo's Store and drive to the end of the road to gate 7. Sobudai Jr. High is on left hand side across from the gate. If you have GPS set it for Sobudai Jr. High (相武台中学校).

Transfer payment to:
Mitsui Sumitomo Bank, Shin-Ishikiri Branch
Regular Account: 1359032
U.S. Kids Golf Japan, Ltd.

Cancelation Policy
Cancellation requests must be submitted by email or fax and receipt acknowledged by U.S. Kids Golf Japan at least 7 days before the event. The entry fee is not returned but applied to the entry fee for next event the contestant registers for. Cancellation requests 6 days before the event will be subject to a 5000 Japanese yen cancelation fee and the remainder is applied to the entry fee for next event the contestant registers for.

To cancel an event please provide the following information;

  1. Contestant name
  2. Contestant age
  3. Contestant gender
  4. Name or location of the event and date
  5. Reason for cancellation
  6. Name, phone number, and email of person to contact

If you cancel on the day of the event, be sure to call the course to avoid being listed as "Did Not Show" (DNS). Contestants that are noted "DNS" may not be allowed to register for future events.

To cancel by email send your request to tournaments@uskgj.com
To cancel by fax dial 072-987-8962

You may confirm your cancelation request was received by calling 072-981-4010

Course and area photos and images (C) Copyright, Camp Zama Golf Course. All Rights Reserved


HOLE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 OUT 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 IN TOTAL
PAR 5 4 4 3 4 5 4 3 4 36 3 5 4 4 4 3 4 5 4 36 72
WHITE 510 263 350 136 275 460 340 122 356 2812 138 478 354 293 306 151 296 429 396 2841 5653
RED 480 209 330 88 240 405 283 96 338 2469 120 371 291 264 265 142 287 366 328 2434 4903
YELLOW 345 207 210 88 238 320 229 82 215 1934 - - - - - - - - - - -
GREEN 195 135 115 87 130 165 100 55 120 1102 - - - - - - - - - - -


Tee Times

Tee Off Start Tee Contestant Category Prefecture
8:30 1 Red Ohara, Mireina Teen Girls Tokyo
Hirose, Juno Teen Girls Kanagawa
Burke, Breana Srisuriyothai Teen Girls Kanagawa
Suzuki, Chikako Teen Girls Kanagawa
8:37 1 Red Ishibashi, Maria Camille Red 18H  Girls Kanagawa
Enokido, Yuma Teen Boys Kanagawa
Okamoto, Yuto Teen Boys Kanagawa
8:44 1 Red Sagara, Ryouta Red 9H Boys Kanagawa
Takahashi, Tayou Red 9H Boys Kanagawa
8:51 1 Yellow Oyama, Saya Yellow Girls Tokyo
Aihara, Sayana Yellow Girls Kanagawa
8:58 1 Yellow Ishibashi, Marianjyera Yellow Girls Kanagawa
Itou, Souta Yellow Boys Kanagawa
Kondou, Naoto Yellow Boys Kanagawa
9:05 1 Green Hagiuda, Miran Green Girls Kanagawa
Nishiyama, Chiri Green Girls Yamanashi
Kobayashi, Irisu Green Girls Tokyo
9:12 1 Green Sekine, Ryu Green Boys Tokyo
Matuya, Takahide Green Boys Tokyo
Kobayashi, Rintarou Green Boys Chiba
Okada, Rin Green Girls Tokyo



Category Contestant OUT IN GROSS RANK
18H Red Teen Girls Ohara, Mireina 45 38 83 3
Hirose, Juno 42 40 82 2
Burke, Breana 42 38 80 1
Suzuki, Chikako 57 52 109 -
Boys Enokido, Yuma 37 34 71 1
Okamoto, Yuto 40 44 84 2
Red Girls Ishibashi, Maria Camille 43 45 88 1
9H Red Boys Sagara, Ryouta 62 - 62 2
Takahashi, Tayou 50 - 50 1
Yellow Girls Oyama, Saya 64 - 64 2
Aihara, Sayana 50 - 50 -
Ishibashi, Marianjyera 71 - 71 3
Boys Itou, Souta 40 - 40 1
Kondou, Naoto 51 - 51 2
Green Girls Hagiuda, Miran 39 - 39 2
Nishiyama, Chiri 37 - 37 1
Kobayashi, Irisu 53 - 53 3
Okada, Rin 67 - 67 -
Boys Sekine, Ryu WD - WD WD
Matsuya, Takahide 54 - 54 2
Kobayashi, Rintarou 51 - 51 1


WD Contestant withdrew prior to the event or due to injury
DNS Player failed to show up for their tee time without notification
NC Player withdrew during their round and failed to turn in their scorecard
DQ Violated U.S. Kids Golf Rules and Regulations



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